Making your Business our Business.

Founded in 1957, The McQuillan Group is a second-generation brokerage providing insurance solutions to high net worth individuals, families and corporations in Canada.

Our corporate culture is to provide exceptional service throughout the client’s lifetime and as their needs evolve.

Reputation means everything

We have created an impeccable reputation in the industry of having the experience and expertise to design solutions that meet your goals and objectives.

Our Founder and Chairman, Thomas P. McQuillan envisioned a life insurance agency that helps people. Tom has passed on the virtues of work ethic, integrity and tremendous focus to his son, Edward T. McQuillan, President of The McQuillan Group.  That vision has evolved into a company that specializes in the creation of customized financial and estate planning solutions. Together, they lead the company into its seventh decade of business.

Who do we work with?

Earning the trust of our clients since 1957, our business is built on referrals.  We nurture relationships with our clients and work collaboratively with their professional advisors to create lasting financial security and estate preservation.

While our typical client is of high net worth, we welcome the opportunity to work with young families and small business owners who are just starting out and looking to establish a solid foundation for their future and financial security.  Whether we are working with individuals, families, or Canadian controlled private corporations, our depth of experience and knowledge of life insurance and tax-efficient estate planning allow us to offer tailored, optimized solutions.

To learn more:
Call: 416-865-0224
or 1-800-558-8914 (in Canada)